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Elevo Launches Elevate Expanded Learning Opportunity Program

Elevo is excited to announce the launch of Elevate, our Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELO-P). Much like our other SEL-infused programs, this curriculum transforms the well-being of students so that they look forward to coming to school. Our unique breadth of academic and physical activities helps complement school districts’ priorities and drive successful outcomes. This addition helps us revolutionize the way after-school programs are run.

School district partners can expand their current offerings with Elevo as a full-service provider or in conjunction with existing after-school programs. Elevate’s flexible curriculum offers a wide range of enrichment activities for every type of student. From music and dance to STEM and physical education, Elevate engages students, inspiring them to thrive in the classroom and beyond. As a goal to work towards, students are also given a weekly social and emotional learning theme to keep at top of mind. Our multi-faceted approach includes SEL & PE activities, enrichment activities, sports, student choice, snack time, healthy tips, and homework help.

Based on the California Department of Education’s 11-point plan, we work with district partners to measure each aspect of the Elevate program to make sure we are aligned with district goals. Additionally, parents and educators have seen improvements in their children’s behavior and school performance as a result of partnering with Elevo. In fact, 98% of administrators report that our programs have a positive impact on students’ social-emotional wellness.

Elevate allows us to work hand-in-hand with schools to nurture the next generation with a full range of SEL-infused programs. We are committed to providing opportunities to learn, move, and thrive together beyond classroom walls. Let’s make an impact on students, schools, and the community at large.


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