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2023: The Year of the Growth Mindset

 2023 is here! The new year is often a time of transformation, and we’re kicking things off with a growth mindset. By prioritizing hard work, success, and challenging goals we know we can meet, we’re setting ourselves up for a year of big accomplishments. Want to join us? Here’s how to embody a growth mindset all year long.

What is a Growth Mindset? 

Coined by American psychologist and author Professor Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is the belief that you can develop yourself, your talents, and your skills through hard work, dedication, and guidance from others. Anyone can develop a growth mindset with the right strategies.

How to Embody a Growth Mindset All Year Long 

Determine Your Current Mindset 

Part of figuring out where to go next is taking stock of where you are right now. How do you approach challenges? How do you describe certain characteristics about yourself or others?

Let’s say you’re taking on a new project. When your first thought is “I hope this will be easy for me,” you’re working under a fixed mindset. If you think about how interesting and exciting this will be, you’re in a growth mindset. Under a growth mindset, you find new opportunities to be exciting, rather than daunting.

Ask For Feedback 

Constructive criticism is all part of growing. Even if you know you’ve knocked your latest endeavor out of the park, it’s still good to gather feedback from peers and mentors you trust. They can provide valuable insight into what you’ve done well, where you’ve improved, and what you can expand upon.

Take Up a New Skill 

Whether it’s a course you’ve always wanted to learn or a hobby you’ve been looking to delve into, challenge yourself to try something new in 2023. Taking the time to practice something you’re not already good at is a great way to develop a growth mindset. Leave your comfort zone in the dust!

Be Kind to Yourself 

For many of us, when we’re not good at something right away, it can be tempting to throw in the towel. Rather than doubting yourself for failing, be mindful of how you would treat someone else in the same situation. You’ll be able to identify thoughts that stem from a fixed mindset and move away from them accordingly.

Set Goals You Can Meet 

Realistic goals are a key part of having a growth mindset. When your goals are too easy, there isn’t much motivation to meet them. When they’re too lofty, it’s easy to become discouraged and slip back into a fixed mindset. Setting clear, motivating goals that don’t cause frustration can put you on the path to success.

Final Thoughts 

We firmly believe that the new year is the perfect time to reassess. Think about where you’re at currently and where you want to go next. Adopting a growth mindset can help bring you that much closer to your goals. By challenging yourself and continuing to learn, you’ll be able to prioritize your own personal development in 2023. It’s time to see just how far you can go.


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