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Surviving the Summer Slump

summer slump

With its warm weather, sunny days, and a relaxing break from school, there’s a lot to appreciate about summer. Yet, learning and academic success might take a backseat for many students. Here’s how they can successfully navigate the summer slump and prepare for the next school year.

What is the Summer Slump?

The summer slump refers to a period of time during summer break where students potentially see a decline in their academic abilities and knowledge. While students appreciate the break from the rigorous classroom environment, they may not be as engaged as they are during the year, and they’re almost certainly not practicing their academic skills as much. 

This could lead to a setback once they head back to school in the fall. Yet, there are ways to keep your students engaged and avoid this period entirely. Let’s get into some of our favorite tips.

How Can Students Thrive During the Summer?

Attend Summer Programs
The summer slump is no match for activities that promote continuous learning. Whether their program of choice is academic or related to one of their interests, it can provide the structured learning opportunities they need to stay engaged. Programs such as our Elevate ELO-P also allow students to connect with their peers on a regular basis.
Set Goals for the Upcoming School Year

We’re all about helping our students have a growth mindset. That frame of mind shouldn’t go away once they go on summer break. Having a growth mindset and all of the goal-setting that comes with it can give them a sense of direction. Whether their goals are creative, academic, or recreational, they’ll stay motivated and have something to look forward to.

Stay Connected
Students in our programs have worked hard to build relationships with their peers. Those friendships can also help them beat the summer slump. From socialization opportunities to more organized group activities, encourage your students to stay connected with their classmates and friends. When they spend time with their friends, they’re able to maintain a sense of community and learn from one another.

Pursue Hobbies and Interests

Many students discover new skills during the school year. If you’ve found that your student has taken an interest in art, STEM, sports, or any other subject or activity, now’s the time for them to dive deeper into it. Summer break gives them the chance to research, take classes, and hone their skills even further. They’ll continue learning and being creative, even off campus.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a time for students to recharge, creating lasting memories with their loved ones. However, the notorious summer slump may result in academic setbacks. By staying engaged during the summer break, they can help prevent or minimize the impact of the summer slump and be better prepared for the upcoming academic year. Here’s to an even brighter future ahead!


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