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Throughout the course of our program, our goal is for your students to practice and gain proficiency in a range of new SEL skills.

Value proposition

Our promise
to you

  • Equip students with skills to better manage and express their emotions and socialize with their peers
  • Near-peer coaches are trained in SEL based curriculum through physical activities
  • Students get active and moving, after a year of pandemic induced rise in obesity
  • Maximum flexibility to take on various staff support roles; classroom assistance, tutoring support, lunch recess and more
  • A strong partnership with local colleges enables plentiful staffing of coaches who can foster an ongoing education culture
Value proposition

Elevo curriculum

  • Age-appropriate activities & discussion
  • In person & digital version 
  • Consultants inc. Kelly McGonigal
    (Stanford University) & Bob Pangrazi (PE consultant)
  • Member of the CASEL Advisory Council
  • Aligned with California PE & Health Standards
  • Created alongside  County Office of Education PE Consultants
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Value proposition


Value proposition

& Training

Our coaches are recruited from local universities, are W-2 Employees and fully vetted by Elevo (inc. live scan).

Elevo coach training includes:

  • CASEL competencies & SEL/PE curriculum
  • Student engagement & group management
  • Health and safety
  • In-person field training & virtual training 
  • Continuous training & evaluations, using data collected on an ongoing basis
  • Onboarding meetings with site leadership & school administrators

A trusted partner

Our experienced coaches make learning fun and engaging, through interactive and social activities.

Satisfied & supported teachers

Positive role models for students


Academic & behavioural

testimonials & insights

"Elevo is a perfect fit for three key policy priorities of the state and national stimulus funds: SEL, mental wellbeing, and expanded learning. I enthusiastically give Elevo a two thumbs up"

Jack O’Connell
Two-Time State Superintendent

Jack O'Connell

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