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SEL-ebration Week Day 4: Relationship Skills

relationship skills

Today is Day 4 of Elevo’s SEL-ebration Week in celebration of SEL Day on Mar 10, 2023. Each day this week, we will be focusing on a different CASEL competency, diving deep into the basis of WASC-accredited curriculum. Today’s competency is relationship skills.

Relationships are the foundation for life. Whether it’s with friends, family members, or coworkers, interpersonal skills are an important part of forming connections and truly understanding others. Cultivating relationship skills can make these connections more successful for all involved.

The term “relationship skills” may sound self-explanatory, yet we can never underestimate the power of establishing and maintaining healthy, supportive bonds with others. Strong relationship skills help you effectively navigate situations with diverse individuals and groups. You’re able to listen effectively, communicate well, and work collaboratively while negotiating conflict. Developing relationship skills can even allow you to take cultural and social demands into account. And, you’ll be less hesitant to seek or offer help when you need it.

When collaborating in groups, those who are skilled at building relationships know how to forge connections with those who may not run in the same social, cultural, or professional circles as them. They’re able to respect other people’s comfort levels and boundaries. And, they’re able to make their own boundaries clear. This is especially true when it comes to delivering feedback. They approach constructive criticism appropriately, through a collaborative, teamwork-driven lens.

The importance of teamwork is something we strive to highlight for our students. Many of our enrichment activities and physical education games are team-based, allowing our students the opportunity to work together and form connections with those around them. Other activities let students tap into their leadership skills. This helps them understand the importance of communicating well and collaborating for a common goal.

As you continue to build on your relationship skills, you may begin to see your connections with others in a more positive light. You will understand how to communicate in ways that are both effective and situationally appropriate. Active listening, cooperation, and collaboration will help you continue to build strong relationships throughout your life.


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