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The Importance of Joy at School

joy at school

Joy is a crucial part of the human experience. From its numerous health and wellness benefits to its ability to increase students’ aptitudes and skills, joy can cause physical and mental responses. For children to enjoy its benefits, educators must be open to incorporating joyful, playful moments into students’ day-to-day routines. Here’s what that could look like.

Joy Positively Impacts Learning

When you’re happy, you’re more open to life’s possibilities. The same applies to students in the classroom and beyond. Students experiencing joy can find that information flows freely, and they tend to retain more of what they’ve learned.

Students Can Learn How to Cultivate Joy Within Themselves

In addition to their regular curriculum, students also learn about themselves during school. They’re figuring out how they learn best, what subjects interest them the most, and what brings them joy. Knowing this, they can learn how to foster happiness within themselves to keep their joy going, especially when it is integrated into their activities on campus.

What Can Educators Do?

But how can adults on campus (teachers, paraeducators, even Elevo coaches) create a joyful student environment?
Allow Students to Embrace the Power of Discovery
Students appreciate the opportunity to discover new talents, skills, and interests. When they learn something for themselves, they’re more likely to remember what they’ve learned, retain the information, and be able to share it with others. An enrichment curriculum that includes STEAM is a great way for students to try new things, while allowing them to choose their focus.
Engage in Identity-Based Activities

School-age children are finding out who they are. As students participate in identity-based projects, they can safely explore who they are and allow themselves to be recognized by others. When others appreciate their identities, they can build healthy self-esteem and cultivate a sense of belonging. This in turn, leads to lasting joy.

Foster Relationships
We encourage our students to build strong connections with their peers. Connecting with those around them through collaborative activities and projects lets them form, enjoy, and maintain healthy relationships with each other.

Movement, Movement, Movement

There’s a reason that much of Elevo’s curriculum is rooted in move-to-learn activities. Through PE games that get our students up and moving, we can help them boost their mood, learn the importance of teamwork, and shift their mindset, all while sparking joy.
Make Space for Play

Playful moments, such as morning recess and lunch, have the power to compound students’ joy even more. When they can take a break from the classroom and expand their horizons, they can watch their mood, behavior, and learning improve.

Final Thoughts

By giving students options and helping them build lasting connections with their peers, educators can cultivate joy in the classroom while also teaching students how to cultivate it within themselves. After all, happy students make the best learners.


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