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Summer Break 101: How to Keep Your Student Engaged

As the school year winds down, most students have only one thing on their minds: summer. Sure, they’re ready for a break from classwork, projects, homework, and tests, but that doesn’t mean everything should come to a screeching halt. Students can fall out of practice with their studies, forget important concepts, and lose the progress […]

The Importance of Joy at School

Joy is a crucial part of the human experience. From its numerous health and wellness benefits to its ability to increase students’ aptitudes and skills, joy can cause physical and mental responses. For children to enjoy its benefits, educators must be open to incorporating joyful, playful moments into students’ day-to-day routines. Here’s what that could […]

How to Make the Most of Intersession

Many students look forward to breaks from school. Also called intersession, these periods are a great opportunity for them to reset, relax, and re-energize. As tempting as it may be to let students disengage completely, it’s important to keep them in the mindset to finish out the year strong. Here’s how to find the right […]

5 Mindful Moments We Always Rely On

To be mindful is to be fully present in the now, aware where we are and what we’re doing, and not letting our environment consume us. Mindfulness is a skill, and much like any other skill, it’s one that you should practice daily. Here are five of our favorite Mindful Moment exercises to help you […]

5 Ways to Reinforce SEL Skills at Home

Here at Elevo, we pride ourselves on implementing social-emotional learning into our lives whenever we can to set the best example for the students we serve. Yet, SEL doesn’t stop when your child checks out of our program for the day. Strong SEL skills are built and maintained at home. Families and educators are partners […]

2023: The Year of the Growth Mindset

 2023 is here! The new year is often a time of transformation, and we’re kicking things off with a growth mindset. By prioritizing hard work, success, and challenging goals we know we can meet, we’re setting ourselves up for a year of big accomplishments. Want to join us? Here’s how to embody a growth mindset […]

Elevo Launches Elevate Expanded Learning Opportunity Program

https://3308630.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/3308630/Marketing%20Approved%20Videos/Brand%20Videos/Elevate-Elevo.mp4 Elevo is excited to announce the launch of Elevate, our Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELO-P). Much like our other SEL-infused programs, this curriculum transforms the well-being of students so that they look forward to coming to school. Our unique breadth of academic and physical activities helps complement school districts’ priorities and drive successful outcomes. […]

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