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Supplemental Support
Before, During, and 
After School

Elevo Flex is our supplemental staffing and program offering, in which we co-design a staffing and programming plan that fits the school or district’s current needs, and can evolve as those needs change. 

We provide staffing support before, during, and after school; no matter the day of the week, or time of year, based on the unique needs of each district we serve. 

Program Features

Our customized staffing and programming

Supplemental staffing for existing programs, including ELO-P

Can include elements of Elevo curriculum

Program Benefits

Administrator and
Teacher Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction

Can evolve with changing District needs

Supplemental Staffing Support
  • Lunch/Recess
  • PLC & PD
  • In-Classroom
  • Before, During, and After School
  • Intersessions
  • Summer
Staff + Curriculum Support

Choose from our curriculum modules to supplement your existing district and/or school-run programs:

  • Enrichment | Thematic Enrichment Lessons/Homework Coaching
& Academic Support (after-school or intersession only)
  • Sport | Customized Rotational Sports
  • EQ | Emotionally Intelligent Physical Activities

Adapting to Your
District’s Ongoing Needs

From ELO-P staffing and programming, to tailored PD/PLC and lunch/recess coverage, to classroom support, we partner with districts to supplement their staffing needs and support their programs. 

Our experience both as a collaborative partner and a lead vendor will ensure that Elevo can meet the current needs of the District, and navigate the evolving needs 
of the future.

Elevo Flex allows us to support existing school and district programs in a way that works for them. In addition to staffing, we can leverage elements of our curriculum, or facilitate the existing program curriculum and activities. Our Directors of District Partnerships work with District leadership to co-design a staffing support model with or without Elevo curriculum modules.

With years of experience recruiting staff, we hire and train talent to help fill the gaps where Districts need it most. Whether Districts serve 4 or 400 schools, we have the capacity and experience to meet their needs. Elevo will collaborate with your District to understand the type of support that is needed, and leverage our 70-person, full-time recruiting team to hire Coaches that meet Elevo and the District’s qualification and training requirements.

What Districts are Saying:

“Coaches are excellent, engaged and responsible. I couldn’t have asked 
 for a better group of coaches. We absolutely love Elevo.”

– Woodrow Wilson, Corona-Norco

“Coaches are excellent, engaged and responsible. I couldn’t have asked 
 for a better group of coaches. We absolutely love Elevo.”

– Woodrow Wilson, Corona-Norco

District Staff & Partners

To book a meeting with a Director of District Partnerships, please select your school county below.

Meetings are not intended for prospective coaches. If you’re interested in working for us, please click here to visit our Careers page to view our current job openings.