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Why the Coach/Student Relationship Matters

coach/student relationship

When we’re on the search for great coaches, we specifically look for individuals who pride themselves on building relationships with others. Our coaches are then trained to interact with students in a way that changes their lives for the better. This important bond goes both ways, benefitting coaches and students alike. Here are just some of the reasons why the relationship between students and their Elevo coaches matters most.

Both Coaches and Students Learn How to Build Relationships

Our WASC-accredited curriculum prioritizes teaching relationship skills to students. However, our coaches learn how to foster these connections, as well. In their conversations with our coaches, students may share details about themselves or their lives. Coaches may remember these pieces of information and use them to make further conversation later. Students then begin to see that their coaches are invested in them, and are able to rely on their coaches as positive role models.

Coaches Give Back to Their Local Community

We pride ourselves on recruiting coaches from their local communities or universities. Because coaches are serving the places they grew up in or areas they frequent, they will automatically have something in common with the students they work with. This gives them the opportunity to help shape the future of the community they love.

Coaches Help Students Look Forward to Coming to School

Elevo’s mission is to transform the well-being of students so they look forward to coming to school. Our coaches are responsible for building strong bonds with students, providing a fun, enriching experience. Because students have positive role models in their coaches, the idea of going to school is associated with their relationship to our staff.

Students Begin or End the Day in a Meaningful Way

For many of the districts we partner with, Elevo’s programs can bookend the day. Students either start their day with us, end their day with us, or both. This means that they are able to learn through movement and enjoy time with our coaches to start the day off right and end the day on a high note.

Final Thoughts

Not only are relationship skills a key part of our curriculum, but also our hiring process. The students we serve form strong connections with our coaches, seeing them as near peer mentors who make a difference in their lives. We are proud of the relationships our coaches form with their students, and are grateful for the opportunities we have to change lives for the better.


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