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SEL-ebration Week Day 1: Self-Awareness


Today is Day 1 of Elevo’s SEL-ebration Week in honor of SEL Day on Mar 10, 2023. Each day this week, we will be focusing on a different CASEL competency, diving deep into the basis of WASC-accredited curriculum. Today’s competency is self-awareness.

Have you ever met anyone who is very cognizant of the personal reactions they may have? Maybe they are very aware of how their cultural background impacts the way they see the world, and the many biases that may come along with that. They might be very careful to use “I statements” and feeling words when speaking about their emotions. Someone who fits these categories is most likely very self-aware.

Self-awareness refers to the ability to understand your emotions, values, and thoughts, and how they can influence your behavior in different situations and contexts. It can also help you recognize your strengths and challenges while remaining grounded. It builds confidence, self-direction, and empathy for others.

Being self-aware can manifest in a variety of ways. Those who are have the ability to notice the way they react to the world around them. They may also be able to successfully examine their own biases, understanding what it takes to move past them. Self-aware people can even identify the parts of their personality, culture, and environment that serve them.

Additionally, when a person has strong self-awareness, they are able to use setbacks as growth opportunities. This is something we work to help our students realize. As they use self-awareness to identify their emotions, adopt a growth mindset, and cultivate new interests and talents, our coaches support them every step of the way. We also help our students look inward with Mindful Moments that help them recenter.

Self-awareness isn’t built in a day. It requires a lot of reflection, mindfulness, and patience with yourself. As you learn to be more present, you’ll be able to measure your thoughts and actions against your internal standards, helping you expand your perspective.


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