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Summer Break 101: How to Keep Your Student Engaged


As the school year winds down, most students have only one thing on their minds: summer. Sure, they’re ready for a break from classwork, projects, homework, and tests, but that doesn’t mean everything should come to a screeching halt. Students can fall out of practice with their studies, forget important concepts, and lose the progress they worked hard for during the year. Here’s how to make sure they make the most of their well-earned vacation while staying on track for success in the classroom.

Maintain Your Routine

The structure shouldn’t stop once your student leaves campus for the season. Some children struggle with sudden change, so keeping the timing of certain events the same as during the school year can be beneficial. Similar wake-up schedules, meal times, and bedtimes can also help them ease back into school come August or September.

Keep Things Interesting

While routine is important, that doesn’t mean you can’t leave room for the fun stuff. Planning various activities spaced throughout June, July, and August gives them something to look forward to. These events can also help them build lifelong memories. Plus, they’ll have plenty of stories to share with their peers and teachers when they return to campus.

Reflect Alongside Your Student

Without the stresses of school, intersession provides the perfect opportunity for students to think about what has been going well for them. Check in with them to see what they’ve enjoyed learning about the most during the school year. As they share their thoughts with you, you may be able to help them nurture their skills and talents by encouraging them to dive deeper into their interests. They may even provide insight into the activities they want to engage in over the summer.

Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving

Students typically get a lot of movement between recess and lunch throughout the school day. Whether it’s a walk around the block, a few rounds of their favorite sports game, or a dip in the pool, consistent movement can help boost their mood, keep them active, and tire them out. There’s nothing better than taking advantage of the warmer weather.

Enroll Them in an Intersession Program

Many schools across California offer intersession programs to help students bridge the gap between school years. They help keep students engaged, eager to learn, and in the mindset required for a structured environment. Certain services, such as Elevo’s Elevate program, focus on enrichment, giving kids a chance to discover new interests and tap into their talents. They might even build new friendships to carry into the next school year and beyond.

Final Thoughts

From keeping the structure in place to participating in enrichment programs, there are several ways to make summer break fun and engaging for your student. They deserve to make the most of it without losing their hard-earned progress. They’ll enter the new school year with these strategies ready to learn.


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