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SEL Week Day 5: Responsible Decision Making

Today is Day 5 of Elevo’s SEL Week in honor of SEL Day on March 8, 2024. Each day this week, we will be focusing on a different CASEL competency, diving deep into the elements that inform our WASC-accredited curriculum. The last and final competency is responsible decision-making.


Our day-to-day is made up of decisions big and small. What are you going to eat today? How are you going to respond to an irritating message? Which professional path should you follow and why? While some choices carry more weight than others, it’s important to carefully think through all the facts and potential consequences. This is what makes someone a responsible decision-maker.

When you’re a responsible decision-maker, you make caring, constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions in a variety of situations. You have the capacity to consider ethical standards and safety concerns. Because you can approach your decisions from a forward-thinking standpoint, you can successfully evaluate your actions’ impact on personal, social, and collective well-being. You’ll easily be able to find creative, positive solutions to issues that may arise.

Responsible decision-makers are known to take in all the facts about a situation before making a logical choice. They understand the value of gathering all relevant information, while considering their legal and ethical obligations. Critical thinking is top of mind for them. And, most of all, they carefully consider how their decisions will impact themselves and others. This allows them to be curious and open-minded to seeing how others may view their choices. 

With our curriculum, we encourage our students to learn responsible decision-making skills. By highlighting important SEL skills such as initiative and integrity, our coaches help students see the connection between having a thought and acting on that thought. We want our students to be proactive, but also consider any impact their actions may have before following through. Doing the right thing will always be at the forefront for them.

It’s not always easy to make the most responsible decisions. Between the impact on yourself and others, the collective well-being, and your role in the community, there are a lot of factors at play. While it may be a complicated process, taking a moment to consider your decisions carefully can give you a sense of self-discipline. Your future actions will thank you.


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