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SEL Week Day 2: Self-Management

Today is Day 2 of Elevo’s SEL Week in honor of SEL Day on March 8, 2024. Each day this week, we will be focusing on a different CASEL competency, diving deep into the elements that inform our WASC-accredited curriculum. Today, we’re exploring all things self-management.


Throughout our lives, we may find ourselves in situations where we aren’t sure how to react. Maybe we are approached by someone to complete a difficult task. Or, maybe we’re having trouble staying focused on our goals. That’s where self-management comes into play.

Self-management refers to the ability to manage your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions effectively in different situations. This competency helps you gain the capacity to delay gratification and manage stress. When you’re working towards a certain goal or aspiration, this becomes especially important. You’re able to build positive self-control, have discipline, and find the motivation to continue moving forward. You understand that in order to accomplish those goals, you need to work diligently every step of the way.

Not only can self-managed people successfully manage their emotions, but they can also properly navigate stressful situations. They do what is necessary to change their circumstances and help themselves calm down when they need to. This can help them move toward their personal and collective goals. Additionally, those with strong self-management are comfortable with their own agency. They can channel their personal power into their achievements while protecting their physical and mental well-being.

We encourage our students to work towards self-management by asking for help when they need it. Our coaches are there to support students throughout their social-emotional learning journey, helping them find win-win situations, diffusing conflict, and maintain a restorative mindset. In fact, we always include a deep breathing Brain Break in each of our lessons to allow our students to recenter. Coaches also highlight the power of setting goals and taking the initiative to get there. All in all, we want our students to feel inspired to take the appropriate steps to self-regulate.

When working on self-management, it’s important to give yourself grace. You may be heavily focused on your goals, but you can’t succumb to stress. Motivation is key, and becoming more self-managed can help you reach your goals even faster.


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