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In the Spirit of Giving: How Our Coaches Give Back to Their Communities

We wouldn’t be where we are without our coaches. These hard-working individuals are the ones who help us carry out our mission every single day. They are proud to engage students, excite parents, and support educators in every way they can. In honor of the season of giving, here are just some of the ways that our coaches have a positive impact on their local communities.


Engaging Today’s Learners

Our coaches’ biggest priority is to keep their students engaged through our enrichment and physical education programs. We give our coaches the tools they need to help our students discover new talents, skills, and interests, while fostering connections that will last a lifetime. This allows our coaches to help shape the next generation of learners, right in their own backyard!


Working in Their Local Communities

Many of our coaches serve in the communities they grew up in, sometimes at the same elementary or middle schools they attended themselves. This allows them to bring their own unique perspectives to work every day. They often have a better understanding of their students’ backgrounds, allowing them to put their best foot forward and build stronger relationships along the way.


Serving as Near-Peer Mentors

Elevo’s coaching model is built on the concept of near-peer mentorship. Many of our coaches are in their late teens or early 20s, allowing them to be close enough in age to our students to relate to them, but old enough to have more experience and knowledge. Our coaches may therefore be more approachable than other adults on campus, and our students are all the more ready to learn from them.


Having the Right Qualities

When we hire our coaches, we’re looking for people who are emotionally intelligent, empathetic, inclusive, and mission-driven. They understand the power of transforming the well-being of students so they look forward to coming to school. They also see the value in creating safe, structured environments where all voices can be heard. These traits allow them to take their near-peer mentorship to the next level and make an even bigger impact in the community they serve.


Final Thoughts

Our coaches are what set us apart. They are unwaveringly committed to making a positive impact in their local communities while shaping the generation of learners. Through their near-peer mentorship, Elevo coaches are proud to meet students where they are, inspiring them to thrive in the classroom and beyond.


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